Hello, I’m Ayala Amrany, owner of Studio Ayala Amrany, at the vibrant city of Tel Aviv, Israel.
I have always lived at a fast-city pace, and it has both intrigued and inspired my aesthetic. After living in Milan for five years, graduating from the Marangoni Fashion School and completing my internship at Marzotto Fashion Group, I returned to Israel to follow my dream – designing for brides on the happiest day of their lives!
The wedding gown I design are classy with a twist, clean and precise, yet soft and round. Each design has a unique signature along with a meticulous attention to details. The fabrics I use are handpicked and are an exclusive type of textiles. Choosing them is one of the most significant steps in my process. The wedding gowns are completed with my hand-made personal touch, to assure they are one-of-a-kind.
I welcome you to contact me with any questions or future orders. Together, we can create your dream wedding gown.

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